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Daily Classwork

*Daily agenda includes reading, grammar, and writing.
Students have Morning Workbook work completed daily which consist of a combination of Language Arts and Math skills.  
Interactive Notebook work should be completed during Language Arts. Students are allowed to finish any unfinished work during any extra time throughout the day or may take it home.*
Homework is written in planner first thing in the Morning

Students, need a copy of the notes from class? Click the camera below to see pictures of the Interactive Notebook, Social Studies, & Science Notebook pages. I try to update daily, but please be patient if a page is not there immediately. 

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Week of March 20th

Assessments this week: ​​​​

  • Thursday:

    • Science Mixtures Vocabulary Quiz 

  • Friday: ​

    • Cold Read ​

    • Esperanza Quiz "Guavas & Melons"

    • Chapter 9 Mid Chapter

******We will update throughout the week any additions and changes******

Monday 3/20

  • Reading/Writing:​​

    • Esperanza Rising

    • IXL

  • Math:

    • 9.1

  • Social Studies

    • Lesson 12 All Questions and vocabulary

Tuesday 3/21​​​​

  • Reading/Writing:​​

    • Esperanza Rising Chapter Packets

  • Math:

    • 9.2
    • IXL (2 Skills)
  • Social Studies

    • Work on Slides, Due Friday


Wednesday 3/22

  • Reading/Writing:

    • Esperanza Rising Chapter Packets

    • Grammar Packet (Due Friday)

  • Math:

    • 9.4

  • Social Studies

    • Finish Lesson 13 (if did not in class) 

    • Continuing working on Three Branches Slides

Thursday 3/23

  • Reading/Writing:

  • Math:

    • Study for Quiz​

  • Social Studies


Friday 3/24

  • No School




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